AJ vs Fury Fight

ETERNAL MMA 81 Fraser vs Anderson in Gold Coast

The mixed martial arts event Eternal MMA 81: Fraser vs. Anderson, presented by Eternal MMA, is scheduled for November 4, 2023, at the Southport Sharks Arena in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Come and watch the next premier Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event, where the best talent in Australia go head to head on the Gold Coast.

Fraser vs Anderson

Eternal MMA 81: Gold Coast

Fight Card

Main Card (UFC Fight Pass)

John Martin Fraser vs. Brogan Anderson 185 lbs Middleweight Championship
Diego Pereira vs. Luke Jones 145 lbs
Mizuho Matsuyama vs. Daniel Mitchell 135 lbs
Alan Philpott vs. Paul Loga 135 lbs
Coby Porter vs. Luke Dally 161 lbs
Tasar Malone vs. Mayson Nobetsu 150 lbs
Corey Lynch vs. Viktor Lyall 170 lbs
Jack Becker vs. Kieran Joblin 155 lbs
Dom Mar Fan vs. Michael Stanoff 155 lbs

Preliminary Card

Gordon Reale vs. Dallas Denniss 125 lbs
Chloe Henry vs. Kim Tran 125 lbs
Ran Deng vs. Leon Gray 155 lbs
Ethan Mitchell vs. Nikita Laptsevich 145 lbs
Justin Woods vs. Connor Downey 170 lbs

It’s the title of Eternal MW up for grabs! The current Eternal champion, Mat Myers, did the honorable deed of giving up his belt due to an injury that required surgery and some time off. This action made it possible for John Fraser, the previous Eternal MW champion, to intervene and take on Brogan Anderson, a strong MW competitor from New Zealand, at Eternal 81.

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